Saturday, March 27, 2010

We {heart} the Hill Country!

We decided to head to the Hill Country for Spring Break ten. It was a fun little getaway and one the littlest Frazier's really seemed to enjoy.

We spent 2 days at Sea World and watched all the shows and enjoyed interacting with all of the animals. The first day we forgot our camera and the second the battery went dead, so not many pictures taken. We bought season passes, so we plan to travel back again this summer and maybe we will have better luck with the camera.

The kiddos laid on their belly's for about an hour watching the dolphins and talking to them. Of course Emma begged to get in with them along with the Killer Whale. Sometimes I think the kid has a special way of communicating with all these animals.

Gavin enjoyed the shows and seeing all of the animals also. He was such a trooper and never once complained about the long days. His favorite part was sharing dipping dots with his big sister & the Sesame Street show.

Here is Daddy holding on tight, so these kids don't jump in the dolphin pool. Emma and her Daddy will actually be swimming with the dolphins this summer in July on our vacation. She has been asking to swim with the dolphins since she was about 18 months old. Her wish is about to come true in about 3 months and I can not wait to watch her do it.
This trip was good for us, because it also taught us that we are not ready to travel to Disney with the extended family during Spring Break eleven. Our kids are just too small and would be able to ride nothing. As much as we would love to go, it just would not be fair for Emma to watch her cousins get on rides she was too small to ride (remember she is a short stack). Her and her Daddy stood in line for over an hour to ride the Shamu roller coaster to be turned away at the front by the attendant who told her "you are too short". Of course she cried back, "no I am not, I am BIG Mom & Dad." I don't know who was more upset, her or her Daddy.
We stayed at the LaCantera Resort in San Antonio and it was beautiful and so kid friendly. We are huge fans of the Hill Country and this resort was nestled right in the middle of it. I could seriously live somewhere like this one day. Emma loves hotels and runs down the hall singing, "I love hotels, I love to sleep in hotels, I love hotels." Mommy & Daddy do too baby girl.
This little girl is ready for the summer and so are we. The weather was beautiful & the pools were heated except the last day we were there it got a little chilly.
We also traveled to the Natural Bridge Wild Life Ranch and spent about 2 hours driving through enjoying the animals and explaining to Emma what each of them were. This Ostrich was not very social and neither were his other long necked friends, so we drove a little faster through this section.
We enjoyed hand feeding the Zebras, well everyone but Gavin and he chose to scream and shake when they would come close to our car. We might not have an animal lover in him.
Emma kept saying, "they are just like horses with stripes on them Mom & Dad?" Yes, they are baby girl. We saw tons of animals and interacted with many of them. Emma kept asking us if we were in a Forrest.
We really enjoyed spending some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Having 2 small children has really encouraged us to enjoy alot of what Texas has to offer.
In spite of all the great things it has to offer, we booked a family vacation for July which we are thrilled about. We took Gavin over Spring Break and completed his passport, which should be arriving in the mail within the next month. I will have to share his picture on it when it arrives. He had the biggest smile on his face you could ever imagine and the lady who processed it said, "oh he would fetch top dollar if you guys tried to sell him while your gone". Of course she was kidding, but it is a pretty funny picture of him.
Needless to say, I enjoyed being off for 9 days and spending time with my family. Between the Hill Country, the Livestock show, the twins Thing 1 & Thing 2 birthday bash, Emma playing with her friends (Brook, Lizzie & Ally), shopping, bike rides with the kids in the bike trailer & dining out...SPrinG BreAK tEn was big fun for the Frazier Four!


Adventures on the Farm said...

Wow sounds like yall had a blast!! I am glad you all got to spend such a wonderful and memorable week together!!

Jaz said...

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