Saturday, July 3, 2010

the BEAST @ 16 months

Daddy celebrated a birthday yesterday and today we celebrated 16 months of life for this little guy. Hmmm...maybe I am kidding when I call him a beast and maybe I'm not, still trying to figure out if it is Baby #2 or just a BOY thing he is going through.

Gavin, you keep us moving 100% of the time little man. We can not turn our back on you for a second or you are eating out of the trash can, climbing up something, eating dog food, banging the walls with a toy or zooming your car up the fridge. You are a super busy little guy with a mind that works non stop. Just a few facts about you at 16 months old:
  • Weigh 28lbs, wear size 6 extra wide shoe, 32 inches tall, size 6 diaper & 2T clothes
  • Playing in the water is at the top of the list
  • Climb the slide standing up on the Rainbow
  • Say 31 words & phrases regularly (Momma, Dadda, Emma, Nana, uh-oh, thank you, dog, Rara, hi, bye-bye, no, Beamer, hi Kitty, Hi Daddy, night night, hello, E-I-E-I-O, Amen, I love you, cheese, hold me, airplane, shhhh, boo, baby, set go, A-B-C-D, help me, ouch & Happy Birthday to you {you just started saying this one yesterday on Daddy's birthday and it is the cutest thing ever})
  • Just finished cutting 8 teeth at the same time, this might be why you bite all the time
  • Got your 2nd haircut today with the clippers on a 3 & 4, Thank you Mrs. Julie
  • Very social and chatty
  • Enjoy bike rides in the bike trailer
  • Hang off the side of the kitchen table, bathroom sink or drawers to the point that your feet are not even touching the ground
  • Started putting your hands over your mouth when you get upset and crying, like poor pitiful me
  • Play with trucks and cars saying zoom or making racing noises
  • Still enjoy your sister's pink kitchen
  • Laugh at your sister constantly and think she is so funny
  • Began walking so fast that is almost like you are running
  • Visited your first movie, Toy Story 3
  • Played on a slip-n-slide for the 1st time
  • Feed yourself with a spoon or your hands
  • Love to eat and you eat alot
  • Would be outside all day everyday if we would let you
  • Pretend to talk on the phone or cell phone and walk around saying, "hello, hello, hello"
  • Fight with your sister over the baby doll stroller
  • Stand at the crayola easel and put the letter magnets on the board and say, "A-B-C-D"
  • Prefer your Mommy all the time and scream if I get out of your sight, so sweet yet so annoying sometimes. You and separation anxiety are in a battle right now.
  • Love our weenie dog Beamer & kiss and hug all over him while he licks you nonstop
  • Imitate anything your sister does or says and want to be just like her
  • Emma runs and Daddy says "ready, set, go" so you get against the wall and yell "set, go"
  • Have a special place in your heart for Grandma Carol, my Mom (most people do so good choice buddy)
  • Push your sister on her bike or riding toy all over the house, so sweet but seems like she should be pushing you
  • Your kisses are big open mouth and you just put it over our mouths, super funny and so sweet.
  • Started climbing up the stool and trying to turn on the water and brush your own teeth
  • Very jealous of your sister or anybody else that gets Mommy's attention. You will push your way into my lap and start open mouth kissing me.
  • Pretend to lock Beamer in his kennel when we leave

There is so much that you are doing and it is all the little things that I HOPE I never forget. You like to be on the go and rarely sit in our laps or let us love on you. It is like you are on a little mission all day, every day. You are so curious about the way things work and you are afraid of NOTHING (Including ME!)

We love you so much Gavin and have enjoyed every single day of the last 16 months with you. You are my SUPER "witty itty bitty" and something about your little personality tells me we are in for big surprises when it comes to you. Good or bad, we are in it for the long haul sweet boy. Always know that Mommy, Daddy & Emma love you to the moon and back!

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Melissa said...

That is the cutest picture! Happy 16month Birthday big boy!!! He is saying so many words!!! Smartie Poo!!!!