Saturday, July 31, 2010

Until Next Year...Dear Bahamas,

we miss you, we love you, we dream of you, we speak of you often & we are counting the days till we see you again.

The only thing I really had my heart set on doing while we were in the Bahamas was having our pictures taken professionally on the beach. I secured and hired a photographer 3 months prior to our departure, signed a contract, made a plan & we even had a back up plan. Well, it did not work out as planned and it was something we laughed about when all was said and done.

The photographer was scheduled to take our pictures the 2nd night we were in town and if the kiddos did not cooperate he planned to come back on the 3rd night. We were all dressed and waiting the 1st night and he called and cancelled due to weather and a storm blew in at the last minute on the 2nd night. I had to scratch that off my list and decide that I was not going to let it ruin our trip. You see, when I get my heart set on something I really get disappointed when it can't happen. We literally got dressed (in the same clothes) 4 nights attempting to take pictures. I kept thinking if the same people see us in the lobby they are going to think we own no other clothes. On the 3rd night we walked to the beach and took our own pictures, with a storm in the background. The 4th night would have been good, but both our kids were out of it.

These two were the best of friends on this trip and once again just made me realize that the best gift we could have ever given the other one is a sibling.

We decided to make the best of our camera and capture as many shots as we could to remember our trip.

Daddy with his little angel babies.

Blessed beyond measure. What more could a girl want or ask for? N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

One of my very favorite pictures from the entire trip. There is no love like Daddy's love and this little girl thinks he hung the moon.
I can never get enough of the way these two love me, hug me, kiss me & need me. There are so many thoughts that come to mind when I look at this. It moves me to tears without fail every time I see it.

The 4th night we tried to take pictures. These two were not waking up and believe me we tried everything, promised them more gummy teeth, but they literally could not open their eyes.

Mommy & Daddy loved Cove Beach but did not enjoy getting dressed to go there 4 different times.

the Frazier Four!
Needless to say, we made the best of our situation and attempted to get pictures. Once again, this was the best vacation ever and we look forward to the day we can return. As for now, pictures have been posted, clothes have been washed, luggage is back in the attic and we are thankful for the memories we brought home with us.


Lianna Knight said...

Such a sweet post Laura. I love ALL the pictures and felt as if you guys snuck me in your suitcase to go along for the ride.

Thanks for sharing your family vacation with us :)

Deidra Brown said...

I am glade that you were able to get the pictures taken. I have aways taken photo at the beach and love them. Professional Photo are so expensive!

Brandi said...

What great pics!! What an adorable family you have! We just got back late last night from the Bahamas and I'm already planning our trip next summer w the kids.

Melissa said...

What great pics Laura!!! Thanks for sharing your vaca an dyour family with us! I love seeing your sweet family and enjoy spending so much time with them. Emma is the sweetest thing and I just cannot get enough of her adorable personality. Brynlee was loving all of the attention too! Gorgeous Family you Frazier Four!!!