Friday, July 2, 2010

Pedaling at THREE

Grandma Carol got Emma this bike for her Birthday. Emma was very specific in her request for the perfect bike. She wanted it to be all pink and only pink, the girl is OBSESSED with PINK!

We thought the Itty Bitty would struggle riding it because she had a difficult time on the tricycle. She quickly proved us wrong when she turned our house into her own personal bike trail. Our walls now have a few blemishes where she has bumped them while riding her bike all over our house.

Serious concentration going on right here and so cute how hard she focuses. She has done a great job and we are so proud of her determination and willingness to push hard till those pedals started to turn. You would think she had been riding for months once she got the hang of it.

So we are officially in the stage where we are changing clothes 4 times a day and getting our self dressed not welcoming any help. This little outfit is a prime example, 100 degrees outside and my child picks a long sleeve shirt, size 18 months (she wears a 4t) and puts it on backwards. This is one of those battles I choose not to fight and instead just praise and promote her independence. I think she might really be part DiStefano, reminds me of those four country kids more and more everyday!

One happy little girl right here and so proud of herself for riding a BIG girl bike. We are proud of you too Emma Lou!


Deidra Brown said...

Love Emma's Big Girl Bike! Way To GO Emma!!!!!

Melissa said...

Look at her!!! She is so big!! She does a GREAT job on the bike. So cute!!!