Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh Sugar! Bahamas

Every night as we visited the Marina we would take the kids to the candy store or to Ben & Jerry's for a little treat to end the day. Both of these places were always jammed packed and had a line waiting out the door to get in each night.

Ben & Jerry's was the perfect way to end a hot day, but did not get visited as frequently as Oh Sugar!
Emma decided very quickly that she preferred the candy store over the ice cream and would smile from ear to ear when we went in and came out. The store was set up very similar to Dylan's Candy Bar where all the candy was in bins and you scooped it out and they charged by the pound. In the beginning we walked around and peeked into every bin and then Emma finally made a decision and chose the same thing every night.

Every single night she chose to get a bag of GUMMY TEETH. When we asked her why she wanted them she said, "because they are like my Grandma's teeth". We could not convince her to switch to anything else and she would eat every last one of them and get more when we returned day after day. It was HILARIOUS and she would tell everyone she saw, "I am getting these because they are like my Grandma's teeth and I love my Grandma." I just had to stick my camera down in the bin and get a picture of all the teeth.

We had so much fun with these teeth and played with them all week on vacation.

Daddy put his in one night at dinner and Emma thought it was hilarious.

All the rules in our family go out the window on vacation as far as sweets are concerned. Emma probably consumed more sugar in a week then she is allowed to consume in 6 months at home.
We even gave Little Man some dentures and he ate them up before we could get a picture of them in his mouth, look at those cheeks.
The night before we traveled home Emma decided she would switch to Jelly Belly's and leave the dentures for the next little tourist. I am quite confident they are probably not a top seller and the same ones might be sitting in the bin next year when we return.
My sweet boy would get super excited about his goodies everyday.

Just so happened that I celebrated a birthday while we were in the Bahamas. My family decided to surprise me with birthday cards and a birthday cake from Carmine's. This was a yellow/chocolate Strawberry Shortcake that was yummy. I had it for the first time 5 years ago and could not wait to eat one again.

We constantly got asked if these guys were twins when we were there and I thought it was crazy, until I saw this picture. Gavin, you need to slow down little boy! This Mommy is not ready to have a baby free home just yet. I guess 20 months does not make that big of a difference.

I would have to say that sharing a Whirly Pop with your sibling at the pool in the Bahamas is sure to add a little SWEETNESS to any vacation!


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What a "sweet" post!!! Carmine's...delish!!!! Happy late bday!!!!!!

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Oh Sugar! The sweetest part of The Bahamas.

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Thanks so much for visiting us....and thanks, too, for your great blog!!! Hope to see you again. :-)