Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We heart the H2O ~ Bahamas

We spent our days going back and forth between the Beaches and the Pools. All of the pools are kid friendly with beach entries.

We spent alot of time at this pool that happened to be located very close to the sea turtles, cave aquariums, beach and the lazy river.

This entire section was devoted to smaller children that consisted of little slides, water falls and shallow pools.

Our kids loved this play area with the movable water feature that could be turned to pour water out in different ways.

It had everything you could dream of to keep kids engaged and happy for hours at a time. It was super hard to get pictures in the water and keep our eyes on our kids at the same time.

One of the only family pictures we got that was taken with our water camera. The beaches and ocean were beautiful and the kids really loved sitting on the beach and letting the waves hit us.

Emma fell in love with the Lazy River and preferred to swim it with her life jacket on and opt out of a tube. Gavin and I enjoyed the tube and he would hang off the side from time to time. Emma would try to get away from us and float it by herself several times. We got lots of video on our water camera of us riding the lazy river. They also have another river called The Current but it has rapids and some pretty rough spots.

Back on the beach with my two little beach bums. You can see part of the Atlantis in the background of this one, the view from the beach to the property was simply paradise. We are all looking forward to returning again and spending more time on the beach with our SPF 100 painted on us.


Janie said...

What a beautiful and FUN time you all had! Don't ya just love the "designated children areas"! It makes life so much easier!
What beautiful babies you have! I can tell you are one Blessed Momma!

Gulley Gang said...

It looks like you guys had an AMAZING vacation! I've enjoyed seeing all your pictures and reading about your adventure. We stayed at the Atlantis on Palm Island in Dubai on our way home from the Philippines. It was by far our favorite hotel, ever! Seeing your family on the beach and playing at the resort makes me miss the short time we had there. I'm envious of your vacation!!! Welcome back to the real world, ha, and thanks for sharing your beautiful family with me.

Melissa said...

I am going to post my comment here for all of the entries you have about your vaca!!!! First of all...Curtis you look great!!!! You guys got some of the best vacation pictures I have ever seen. Emma is so brave and I just love how intrigued she is by everything. Gavin is so sweet staring at his big sis and not taking his eyes off of her!!! What a great vacation! I know that you will cherish these memories for years to come!!!