Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rough, Tough & 19 months old

Happy Birthday to YOU, Little Man!

We are so thankful for you little boy and love you more than you will ever know.   You have grown so much in the last couple months and seem to be losing the baby look.   There are so many things about you we never want to forget:

  • Wearing size 6 diapers & size 2T clothes but are slimming down and can get back into some of your 18-24 month stuff

  • You go to bed about 7:00 every night and sleep till about 6:30 every morning.

  • Enjoy taking 2-3 hour naps everyday

  • Prefer to eat Special K Cereal bars everyday & all day if we would let you

  • Bite regularly (have had a one on one shadow at school that we have had to pay the salary of for 2 weeks)

  • Weigh 27 lbs and wear size 7 shoe

  • Love to watch TV and would do it all day if we would let you.

  • You talk non stop and we love to hear you say, "I don't know" when we ask you where someone or something is

  • Enjoy talking on the phone or carrying one around in your hands.

  • Can start a fight with your sister quicker than we can get a light turned on.

  • Bath time is still one of your favorites

  • Want to drink "juicy juicy" all the time (Minute Maid 10)

  • Walk around talking to Beamer all the time and saying his name

  • Throw, hit or kick anything you can get your hands on

  • Constantly smile and have the brightest eyes we have ever seen

  • Super ticklish and laugh hysterically when we rub your skin lightly

  • Airplanes in the sky catch your attention every time they are close by

  • We have 2 frogs that you love and walk around saying "ribbit ribbit"

  • Like to help us take the trash to the back door
There are days you are SUPER SWEET and others where you make us say WOW!  You sure do know how to keep this Mommy & Daddy on our toes.  We love you very much and always will!

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