Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween at Ballet

Tonight we journeyed into the world of Pixie Hollow as our very own Tinker Bell ventured out the door to Ballet/Tap class. 

The days of picking out Halloween costumes for this itty bitty are over with and she decided she would settle for nothing but Tinker Bell this year.   After sprinkling her pixie dust on me, I decided it was really about her and not about me so we set out to find cutest little costume ever.

Tonight when she got dressed for the first time she said, "Mom, do you want to see me fly?  I think I can really fly."   I truly believe in my heart she thought she was going to be able to fly, so sweet and so innocent.

Emma's dance teacher, Mrs. Cheryl has a very special place in her heart for Emma.  She is always so sweet, gentle and kind to Emma and truly appreciates her ability to stay on task and follow directions. 

Emma's little friend Mia was the cutest little Alice and so proud to share with the class that her brother would be the Mad Hatter.  I  love this costume and might have to buy it to add to our dress up collection.

Looking forward to the upcoming festivities this week and our Halloween party on Saturday.  I wonder if Captain Hook is going to let us get a picture of him with Tinker Bell?

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Deidra Brown said...

Emma is too cute. It's funny Kennedy Grace willbe Tinker Bell this year too. Great minds think alike.