Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My LIttlE ShADow!

This little girl would follow behind my every step all day if she could.  Not sure if it is the age or she just loves me so much, but she does not want me out of her sight or to go a single place without her.   Every time we do go our separate ways she always says, "Mom, please give me two hugs and two kisses" and I would not dare leave her sight without doing it or her day is ruined.

In her little mind she thinks she is a model and is quite SASSY for a three year old.  We had to pick up a couple little things from Gap for Daddy the other day and she had to have this jean jacket. Emma was willing to take money out of her piggy bank to pay for it so she could, "look just like you Mom". 

I can hardly believe how quickly this little girl is growing, but in my heart I hope she always wants to be like me, give me 2 kisses and 2 hugs and wants to be so close to me every step of the way in life.


Brandi said...

How cute and sweet!!!!!!!

Lianna Knight said...

How adorable!!! She is getting so big...but she will always be mommy's little girl :)