Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Please help!

Can someone please take a look at my post below and tell me why my post are looking like this?  I noticed that Blogger changed about 4 post back & this girl does not do change well at all.   Is there anyway to go back to the old format?   Is this format still compatible with Blog2Print?   I plan to go back and rework the post below because it looks CRAZY, but would love any advice you have to offer on what in the world is going on.  Oh, and one last thing...when I look at this from my phone a square shows up right below the picture, what is that? 

Because post are no fun without pictures, here you go.  I am a girl who likes the same ole' same ole!  Perhaps that is  why I am so excited my baby girl is playing with one of the same toys I played with as a kid.  Strawberry Shortcake, the memories I have of you will last a lifetime. I use to love when I would squeeze your belly and you would blow a strawberry kiss in my face, I can recall that scent like it was yesterday.  I sure hope they remake you soon, so Emma can enjoy you as much as I did.   I love to hear her say, "Mom, she has red hair and freckles just like me!"

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Brandi said...

Who know with blogger?????? I tried to delete a picture yesterday out of the wrong post and blogger wouldn't let me... ugh!!!!!! Sorry I'm no help. Strawberry Shortcake; great memories!!!