Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Merry" not Scary Halloween Party

Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year we decided to host a Halloween party for our family and friends and I am so excited that we did.   I must say that this party was so much fun and so relaxed.   Taught me that I might need to do some things different when it comes to Emma & Gavin's next birthday parties.  Something about not having to be on a schedule, open gifts or cut the cake at a certain time makes it so much more laid back & I loved it. 

We purchased a  pumpkin for the little Goblins to paint, carve or decorate and they all had a blast doing it.   So easy and all the kids and some adults seemed to really enjoy decorating their little guys.  We supplied them with paint, glitter, glue, rhinestones, pipe cleaners, fuzzy balls, wiggly eyes, stickers and so much more.   There was something from the littlest to the biggest to enjoy. 

We wanted it to look festive and not scary for our sweet little guest and so we stuck with an orange and black polka dot theme.

We were running so behind schedule all day, so I barely got any pictures of all the decorations or the food but I did manage to get a few.  We served Pizza, Chik Fil A, PB&J bat and pumpkin sandwiches, caramel apples, 3 different kinds of Cheetos out of a witches cauldron, cheese nips, chips & queso, cookies, cupcakes, cake, juice, CFA sweet tea, orange and purple Crush soda in a glass bottle & candy galore.

I loved the way this little cake turned out.  We asked the bakery to put a friendly little spider on it and they did not disappoint.   This is a YUMMY new cake place I have found and it is amazing and the best part is their handwriting.   Of course I had to put Love The Frazier Four on it.

I can not take credit for the candy jar.  Borrowed it from another blogger, purchased the stuff and my husband sat in front of the laptop and designed it after looking at the picture (just one of the many reasons I love him so much)!

No party is complete with out cupcakes.   Thank you Curtis for decorating these while I was running around like a crazy person picking up last minute supplies and food.

A party at our house would not be complete without a candy bar.   All the kids look for it first thing when they walk into our house for a party (ha ha).  Do not worry sweet babies, I am never going to let you down.

Speaking of Trick or Treating, we asked each family to bring a treat to the party to drop in the bucket of all the little goblins and it was a blast.  We had all the adults sit around the fence line in a circle in the backyard and the kids went around to each family and yelled, "Trick or Treat".  It was so much fun and so cute to watch them all.   Of course we had to keep our eyes on the big kids because we found a few trick or treating in the buckets of the little ones.  Between the pinata, the back yard and our candy bar each kid left with a TON of candy and goodies and I would not have wanted it any other way.  They were all so cute and so appreciative.

I will be posting pictures of our party guest in the next couple days.  We think we had about 51 people attend and 27 of those were kiddos.   I am thinking we might have to do this every year it was so much fun.  I got lots of text after the party thanking us for a good time and saying, "lets do it again".  For those of you who could not join us, we missed you and hope to see you soon.  We are so incredibly blessed with great friends and family.

I am certain my husband is ready to rest, but I am so ready to take down the orange and black and start putting up the green and red, because Santa Claus is coming to town!


Brandi said...

You are too creative and so much fun!!! Your hubby rocks too!!! FUNFUN!!!! Happy Halloween!!

Hudson said...

Hudson had a blast! Thanks for having another great party. Bryan & I are sad we missed it.

Deidra Brown said...

Man Laura you have out done yourseld again! Way to go girl. You know I have to no where did you get that cute "BIG" Fireplace pumpkin?

xoxo'sfrom42420 said...

I love all your Halloween decorations!! But I just fell in love with that candy jar with the marshmallow ghosts.
The kiddos were adorable as always.
I can't wait to see their christmas pics.
Your blog never disappoints. Thanks for sharing.
I emailed you awhile back don't know if you remember me or not.
Theresa from KY

Gulley Gang said...

Man, I wished we lived closer! Your parties freaking rock every time, and Cade would love them!!! Great job as always and I can't wait to see all the kiddos in their costumes.