Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

We had a blast Trick or Treating with our very own little Tinkerbell and Captain Hook tonight.  We were super exhausted from our own party and tempted to go to bed early, but Emma was so excited to go ring doorbells and get some candy.

Dreaming of Pixie Hollow and flying high up into the sky.  So anxious to leave that she would hardly stand still for us to get a few pictures.

The cutest little hook I have ever seen in all my life.  That is my camera lens cap in his hand, not his hook.  Don't worry, he has one that he grows very fond of before the night is over. 

The best one we could get of them together before we took off for the night.  Christmas pictures are going to be fun.  Get ready "Darwa".

I thought they would stay in this wagon all night and refuse to get out to go up to any doors.

They proved this Mommy wrong when they jumped out and went to the door of every house we stopped in front of by themselves.  If we would follow behind Emma would say, "No Daddy, little kids are suppose to go up to the door by themselves".

Gavin seemed a little unsure about things when we got started although he tried to go into every house we went to or open the door up all by himself.

Emma was so sweet to her brother all night and made sure he got to get as much candy as she did.  Gavin tried to sit down on the porch of all the houses and open his candy up on the spot to start eating it, he just couldn't wait. 

By the end of the night he could make his own little hook with his finger and yell, "arrggghhhh".

My handsome little man was exhausted by the time we got home, but we sat in the front hallway and gave candy out to our own little trick or treaters.   The kids enjoyed giving out candy as much as they enjoyed getting it.

Tinkerbell sitting in the window waiting on more little goblins to arrive.  She was hilarious when she would open the door by herself and scoop up lots of candy and put it in their bags.  It was so funny, the kids would look down in their bags and say, "wow" because she was putting it in by the handfuls.  Of course we did not mind because we were ready for bed.

Halloween 2010 has been my very favorite Halloween of all.  I loved having our friends and family over for a party, seeing my kids dress up, watching them trick or treat and listening to them unwrap candy.  This one will be hard to beat.


Deidra Brown said...

Laura I love it! They are too Cute!!!!!

monelle said...

so very cute laura!