Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Mother's Day Ever!

We have just finished up the most wonderful Mother's Day weekend I have ever experienced with my family. Started yesterday with a great lunch and finished tonight when I prayed with both of my sweet children and tucked their tired little bodies in bed.

I ended up working last night to help supervise our drill team end of year Stage Show.  I knew something was going on when Emma was wanting me to head out the door because she had big plans with her Daddy.  Curtis must have gotten really brave and took both kids to the store and baked with them too.

When I got home at 9:15, Curtis met me at the door and told me to close my eyes and go straight to my room.  They were still working hard on the sweetest little surprise.

Emma picked out what they would bake and she did most of it herself with Daddy reading the directions.  I was so excited that Curtis took pictures of them doing this so I could see the process and how hard my sweet girl worked.

The end result was pink cupcakes, pink icing, tiara cupcake toppers and sprinkles.  I am not really sure my husband has ever baked anything before, so this was super special to me.

Mother's Day to me is spending time with my two kiddos, loving them up, making new memories as a family and that is exactly what I got to do today. We live in a great neighborhood that has miles and miles of trails and beautiful scenery to take in along the way. So this morning we opted for a 4 mile walk and pushed the kiddos in their cars.  Emma was going to ride her bike, but I think we have finally convinced Daddy she is in need of a bigger bike.

We stopped at the park and played for about an hour and then we continued to walk to our neighborhood McDonald's and have lunch.  Not very healthy but it was fun and the kids loved that we walked there.  I enjoyed a burger, fries and a Dr. Pepper (figured I would walk it off by the time we got back home).

The park happened to be beside one of our pools/splash pads and the kids really wanted to swim, however Mommy forgot to pick up the pool tags last week and they were no longer allowing us to use the 2010 ones.  Gavin and I walked around to the front of the pool thinking the lifeguards would be one of my students and we could get special permission to come back and swim.  Good idea except the first kid I saw was one I placed in ISS (In school suspension) last week for skipping class.   I knew what the answer would be as soon as I saw his face and sure enough he said, "Mrs. Frazier, do you have your pool tags?"  Ha ha, guess he got the last laugh.

We really did not have any concrete plans for the day, but I had been talking about going to the beach and even called a hotel yesterday to see if we could rent a Cabana for the day.  After hearing that it was $375 for the day, I decided that probably was not the best idea.  When I realized that we did not have our pool tags, Curtis started thinking about what would be fun for us to do. 

When we got home from our walk he grabbed his IPAD and started searching the web.  He told me he was running to buy a swimming pool and he would be back, so I put the kids down for a short nap.  When Daddy returned we decided to create our own version of PARADISE in the backyard.

Being the party lover that I am, I had lots of stuff on hand to create our own little beach getaway for the day.  Daddy actually started creating our private oasis and I chimed in with the final touches.  I wanted it to be so cute when the kids got up because today was about me celebrating them too, after all they are the reason I am a MOMMY!

Daddy got the table, chairs and water tables set up while I dug for some beach goodies to add the final touches.

We had plenty of water toys, hung our towels out and set up a bucket full of water, diet drinks, Capri sun and Popsicles.

Daddy blew up the pool, filled it with water and made sure that it was on top of a tarp to avoid any holes.

When Emma and Gavin woke up they were so excited to get in and had a splashing good time.  They played on their kick boards, tried out their new goggles, beat on the drums, rode on Daddy's back and splashed Mommy.

Daddy had went to the store earlier and bought pizza and ice, so we had Di Giorno's pizza and cupcakes for dinner and it was yummy.  It was a day jam packed with junk food and it was one that we all enjoyed.  It was a long day, but it was a great one.

Gavin had a major meltdown when it was time to come in and ended up screaming for about 30 minutes straight.   I must say that I enjoyed it because when he calmed down he came and crawled in my lap and I got to hold and rock him for about 30 minutes, which does not happen often.  Our day ended with hugs, kisses and thanking God for a great day.

We will celebrate with my Mom and MIL soon, but today was a day spent as The Frazier Four and I enjoyed every second of having my sweet babies all to myself.

Today was a day of reflection for me and one that was filled with an array of different emotions.  So grateful for the life I have been blessed with and the gift of being a Mommy, heartbroken for the motherless, sad for those struggling with infertility, praying for those with sick Moms, speechless for those that have babies in heaven and excited for those that are expecting. 

Being a Mom is the hardest job in the world, at the same time the most rewarding job I have ever done in my life.  I am so grateful that God has given me the opportunity and trusted me to be the Mommy to Emma & Gavin.  I am not a perfect Mommy in anyway, but I try hard to make things perfect for both of them day after day. I strive to be fair and provide them both with equal amounts of hugs and love.  There are days when one needs more than the other, so I will remain grateful that they both need me. 

Thank you Curtis, Emma and Gavin for an amazing day, for loving me and allowing me to love each one of you.

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Renee said...

This brought tears to my eyes...what a blessed family! We love you! Renee