Saturday, May 21, 2011

Silly but Cute!

Such a silly picture but Gavin became a BIG Boy today in the haircutting department.  Gavin has been having his haircut since he was almost a year old and some days it is good and others it is CRAZY!!!!  Up to date he has probably had about 10+ cuts and today was a good experience for all of us.  The hairdresser we use gets the honor of keeping the entire Frazier Four trimmed up.

The boy has tons of hair and it is thick.  Thank goodness both my kiddos ended up with great hair and no crazy cowlicks, well except this little swirly thing in the back of his head (we will take it because when his hair is fixed you don't notice it).

Mommy took Gavin to get his haircut today after we dropped Daddy and Big Sister off at Target to do the shopping.  He was super excited to go in and screamed, "Hi Mrs. Julie" when we walked in the door.   She had dumdum suckers waiting on him.  So with one in his mouth and four in his chubby hand she quickly went to work.   She has been using the clippers on Gavin from the beginning and today he did not flinch when she pulled them out.  After she finished she said, "I can not wait till I can square that bottom part off."  Hmmmm....what better time, today!  So, my baby boy has a big boy haircut and it is so cute.  He sat as still as could be (of course he was on dumdum number 3 at this point) and let Mrs. Julie do her thing.

Such a little thing, but it is so stinking cute and I love looking at it as he runs through the house screaming "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue".  Pretty little head for a pretty little boy that had to wear a pretty little helmet at one time, don't ya think?

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Kim W. said...

Okay, so Gavin and Jack would be best buddies, I can just tell. I love it! They are both obsessed with Buzz. Too cute.