Saturday, May 7, 2011

Handmade with Love

My favorite gifts ever are the ones that are made with the 4 sweetest little hands I know.  My kiddos greeted me at the door with these yesterday and were so excited to honor their Mommy with such handmade goodness.  These little flowerpots along with lots of hugs and kisses are PRICELESS to me.

Some of the sweetest words I have heard were at lunch today where we celebrated early in order to beat the crowds.  Gavin and Emma both told me over and over again, Happy Mother's Day / Happy Mudder's Day! 

I was one proud Momma when several people came by and talked to my kiddos and their charming little personalities emerged.  Several people commented on how funny and animated they both are and I would have to agree.  These two kiddos have amazing personalities that I just adore. I truly feel like everyday is my day because I have been OVERLY blessed with the most amazing little girl and boy in the world to spend my days laughing and loving.  If I could be anything in this world, I would still choose to be a Frazier Four!

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Gulley Gang said...

Love it! Happy Mother's Day to one truly incredible mother. Hope you had a fabulous day.