Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Polar Express

Our Holiday getaway would not have been complete without a ride to the North Pole with Santa Claus.  We were not expecting or prepared for it to be 38 degrees there, so we ended up keeping our clothes on opposed to wearing our PJ's.  We also had big plans to go to a town nearby for a ride in a horse drawn carriage, but the cold sent us back to the hotel early.  Looks like we will have to take a carriage ride in our hometown before Christmas. 

Daddy helped both our sweet babies on board while Mommy stayed behind to snap a few pictures.

Emma chose to ride beside Daddy and I snuggled up with my favorite little boy as the locomotive took off to a winter wonderland.

...and what to our wondering eyes should appear?  Jolly Ole St. Nicholas and my kids were in awe of him.

Santa gave all the children on the train a bell they could wear around their necks and he had 2 very special Polar Express bells in his basket for the Frazier kiddos.

At one point Emma entertained us all by singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  I was in shock when she sang into the microphone for the entire rail car to hear and enjoy.

Our conductor was full of life and such a happy guy.  He was dancing all around and singing right along with the rest of us. 

One last picture before we exited the depot for our walk back to the car, the wind was blowing and it was freezing. Emma and Gavin were so proud of their bells and have been toting them around since they got them.

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