Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gingerbread Love

One of our favorite things to do every year is bring our Gingerbread house to life with the help of the littlest Fraziers.  This year we got to do it at Gingy's house and it was a good time shared by all.

Gingy has the sweetest little house I have ever seen.  Gavin would not go inside, but he sure enjoyed standing on the outside licking the candy hanging on the walls, seriously!

If you have seen Shrek the Halls, you know that at one point Gingy almost gets eaten by Santa Claus.  I will tell you that Gavin knows when this part is about to happen and he starts covering his eyes saying, "I don't like it Mommy, turn it off."  There was no way we were going to talk him into a picture with Gingy and matter of fact, that cookie was not coming near him.  Emma loved her and got lots of hugs from her.

This year we decided to bring along some of our own candy to help cover the house and I love the way the Peep trees turned out.  Gavin's motto was, one for the house and one for me (ha ha).  We could not get the boy to stop eating the candy and I was shocked that he did not puke before we finished.

This little house was a team effort and so much fun to do.  Emma did a great job squeezing out the icing all by herself and placing the candy exactly where she wanted it.

By the time we finished these kiddos had icing from head to toe and were sticky as could be from sampling all the goodies.

Have I told you lately how crazy in love I am with my family?  These guys keep me going day after day and love me unconditionally.

My sweet girl was so proud of this Gingerbread house and even more excited to bring it home to show off to our Holiday guest this year.

I seriously did not know if my candy loving little man's sweater would ever come clean.  Anything that could be licked, tasted or eaten, he did it.   I saw and heard pieces hit the floor and it just did not matter he was gonna eat as much as we would allow.

Out of all of the things in our house at Christmas every year, this is always a favorite.  I brought it home and put it on my red ribbon laced cake pedestal on the island for all to enjoy.  Our tradition of making a Gingerbread house is one that I know will last for years to come.  I envision us sitting around the table when our kids are in High School continuing this tradition and it makes me smile. 

Speaking of smiling, I have so many reasons to smile these days and hope I can help others smile this Holiday Season.

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