Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Getaway 2011

We have just returned from our annual Holiday getaway where we went snow tubing, rode the Polar Express, dined with Shrek & Fiona, built a Gingerbread house, walked through a 7 degree exhibit, met lots of characters, snuggled up in a hotel room, did a little shopping and lots more.

Every year when the Thanksgiving Feast is over, The Frazier Four take off to the Christmas Capital of Texas to enjoy all the festivities.

This little getaway gives us a chance to refocus on our family, the upcoming holidays and how truly blessed we are in this life.

These two sweet babies could not ask for a better Daddy and I can not wait till they are able to appreciate how truly blessed they are to have this man in their life. 

Looks like they decided to be nice when they climbed up in Santa's big comfy chair while he was off feeding the reindeer. Figured they would stay off the naughty list if they gave each other a big ole hug while the Jolly Ole Fella was away.

We had a 9th floor atrium view and if this does not get someone in the mood for Christmas, I do not think anything can do the trick.  We went to sleep and woke up to lights galore.

At one point I walked out on the balcony and my children were throwing change down at the people passing by, I was in shock.  I asked Emma what they were doing and she said, "throwing money like in the fountains."  They were so innocent and had no clue that they could hurt someone or get into trouble.

It was all we could do to keep our kids out of the pond in the atrium.  Gavin would take off running to it every time we were close by, lay on his belly and talk to the fish.

I fell in love with this 12 foot rotating snowman that was down near one of the rivers that flowed through the resort.  I would have stayed and volunteered all month if they promised I could bring this cute little guy home with me for the front yard.

All in all, we had a great Thanksgiving and have so much to be thankful for all year long.   We enjoyed our "holiday-cation" and have so much more to share from our trip.

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that looks like so much fun. where is that at??