Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of PreK Three

Wow, our BABY started Pre K THREE today at 42 months old.   It is a big year for Gavin for several reasons (1) he has started a new MDO program, (2) for the first time ever he is not with his BIG sister (3) he is completely potty trained and (4) he is taking a lunch to his new school.

Big day for our little BOY, but he handled it like a rock star.  Look at those sweet little fingers wrapped around that chalkboard.

I am CRAZY in love with this little dude and he makes me laugh hysterically because he is some kind of funny.  This morning was no different and he had me laughing from the time he got up until we hugged and kissed him goodbye.
Taking pictures of him is tricky and it was nearly impossible to get him to stand still, look at the camera, hold the sign and smile.  

He is also a little dramatic and loves to put on a show, especially if he is getting some extra attention or making me laugh.  Nope, he was not sad in this picture, he was just putting on a show for me.

He woke up this morning and when I told him it was his first day of school he shouted, "really Mom, really? It is my first day of school?  Yay."  We have taken him by his school all summer long to get him prepared for the changes and it paid off this morning because it was a super happy day for all of us.
The promise of a starburst will get me a smile anytime I ask for one.  Little stinker, he truly has me wrapped around his chubby little finger.  I also happen to think he is one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen.

On the ride to his new school he was tapping his finger on his lip in very deep thought and he said, "Mom and Dad, are you thinking what I am thinking?"  Of course we asked him what he was thinking and he said, "I am thinking I am really excited to meet my new teacher today." 
He talked the whole way to school about playing on the pirate playground with his Pirate friend Will.  We have yet to meet his Pirate friend Will, but he talks about him often (yes, he has an imaginary friend that just happens to be a pirate too).  Oh I love this kid and everything about him!

When we got out of the car Daddy put his little backpack on and tightened it up.  Gavin looked at us both and said, "Bye Mom and Dad".  I had to remind him that we would be walking him in even though he would have been just fine with walking and signing himself in this morning (ha ha). 
One of the things I am MOST proud of is how confident, secure and brave our children are in new situations.  As long as they know the plan they are good to go and always seem to have a smile on their face and are excited for their next little journey. 
Being a working Mom is difficult at times, but I must admit Emma & Gavin make it so much easier on me.  When my kids are happy, I am happy and I look forward to hearing their stories when I come home at the end of everyday.
Gavin was smiling, playing and completely comfortable hugging us bye this morning.  We are so PROUD of our baby and thrilled about his new little school.  He is going to be able to experience so many wonderful things from Spanish lessons,  computer class, chapel daily, library time, field trips, projects, move it & groove it, specials and so much more.  We are looking forward to the extensive lesson plans they have provided us and the structure that is offered through their program.  
Gavin Thomas, you bring us so much joy and you constantly keep us laughing.  Thank you so much for reminding us to laugh daily and not take life to serious.  You fill our house with so much energy and we are BLESSED to call you our SON.  Have an amazing school year in the Little Lambs class with Mrs. Marie and Mrs. Mandy (Handy Mandy) as you like to call her.  We hope that you and your pirate friend Will  had a great first day and don't ever forget matey,  we love you so much!

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Brandi said...

What a little cutie patootie!!!! He's such a big boy!!!