Sunday, September 9, 2012

Three and a Half

Last Monday our very own little Superhero turned 42 months old and boy are we ever so thankful to have him in our life.
Gavin has officially been potty trained with no accidents for 2 months and we are so super proud of him.  He loves to potty in the yard and we have to watch him when we are outside because he will pull his pants down and just go.  Matter of fact at cousin camp two weeks ago we were at the resort pool and we all turned around to find him with his swimming trunks around his ankles, yikes!
Yep, he is a boxer brief boy and is currently wearing a size 3/4 clothes and a 9.5 shoe.  At his last check up he weighed 40 pounds and was 38.5 inches tall. 

This little boy is always on the go and running is his only mode of transportation when those little feet hit the floor. 

He is a creator, a dreamer, has a huge imagination, is a problem solver and loves the outdoors.  He has been at his new MDO for one week and loves it.  We are so impressed with the program and all the hands on activities he has engaged in so far.   The teachers are wonderful, organized and sweet. 

Gavin is still a very picky eater and his diet consist of fruit, peanut butter, wheat thins, chicken (only from Chik Fil A), bean/cheese chalupas, shredded cheese, waffles, hot dog buns, pizza, milk and yogurt.  It sounds horrible and we have tried everything to get him to eat other things, he just refuses.  Our pediatrician tells us to keep offering it to him and hopefully one day he will accept.

This summer Gavin settled down quite a bit, don't get me wrong he is still a WILD CHILD but he has become more affectionate and lovey.  My favorite part of everyday is when he slows down long enough to wrap his little arms around my neck and says, "I love you Mom" (I like to pretend like I did not hear is the first time, so he has to repeat it to me).
We just got this boy in bed and in the process he went into great detail about his grandfather that lives in outer space with the aliens that he goes to see.  He explained to us that he waits to see the big wheel that spins around and then he gets on the spaceship and he goes. He provided us with so many details about the little adventure he would go on after we left his room.  I asked him if his (imaginary) pirate friend Will was going with him and he said, "no I put him in a box and I am not letting him out".  Poor Will, not sure what he did but he is not getting to go to outer space to visit grandfather tonight so it must be something serious.  All of this is just a small part of why I love Gavin Thomas so much, he truly carries my heart around in his little pocket every single day.
I love his energy, I love his smile, I love his attitude, I love his spunk, I love that he is so passionate about things and heck, I even love his pirate friend Will.  This boys life is so full of PURPOSE that it amazes me and I pray daily that God will use him in ways that are far greater than we could ever imagine. 
Gavin, I can never THANK YOU enough for the laughter you bring to my life and our home.  You truly have rocked by world and I hope you will invite me to outer space with you soon.

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Brandi said...

Oh my goodness, presh!!!!!! LOVE the pics, sooooooo cute!!!! Boys rock!!