Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Swim Picture Day

Emma had pictures for swim team today, she was so excited to put on her new club suit and meet up with 222 of her swim buddies to say cheese.  Of course she had to have a bow in her hair and I am certain her Coaches were wishing it would fall out in the pool, but remember this is the girl that wore her pink tutu on the soccer field.
Emma is ready for Thursday's Swim-A-Thon and is determined to swim 40 laps (1000 yards or 10 football fields), I am exhausted just thinking about it.  Emma is currently in 8th place for donations and still has more money to turn in Thursday.  I was so proud of her at the football game Friday night when she approached people we knew, explained what she was doing and asked them to sponsor her. 
Emma Lou, we are so PROUD of you and will always LOVE and SUPPORT you in and out of the pool.

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Gulley Gang said...

She is getting so big! What a doll too. Love that she is swimming; it's such fun and so good for you! Hope you guys are doing great!