Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reese & Co.

Emma was invited to the cutest little birthday party today to help her sweet friend Reese celebrate turning the big FIVE!  The theme was a Tiffany party, except her Mommy used her name Reese & Co.  The colors, decorations and activities were all so perfect and our girls had so much fun.
We have known sweet Reese forever from dance and her Mommy always takes our kiddos pictures with Santa Claus every year. Reese and Emma are in Primary Jazz and Ballet together this year.

How cute is this little tablescape?  I love the colors, the jewels and the little blue boxes that were the perfect finishing touch.

The girls spent their time getting their fingernails painted Tiffany blue, stringing pearl bracelets, getting their hair done, playing duck, duck, pearls, and getting a crown for the big celebration.  Emma, Melinda and Stephanie all worked on their little trinkets together.
Emma was so excited to see Macy and Ella today.  We danced with them last year and they are first graders at her school.  She gets super excited when she gets to see them in the cafeteria occasionally.  I enjoyed visiting with their sweet Mommy's today too.

Reese got lots of great gifts and was so cute opening them all.  Emma got her the McKenna movie and an American Girl party dress that just so happened to be Tiffany blue.

The birthday girl with her Mommy that did such a great job on the party.  Tracy must be exhausted because she had a party last night for her oldest daughter.

There were about 20 little girls total and they were all so cute and so sweet.   Many of these girls either dance, swim or go to school with Emma and she enjoys all of their friendships.

These cute little goody boxes were filled with blue jelly beans and a diamond ring for all the girls to take home.  Every girl big or small loves a little blue box, right?
I normally would not stalk a party like this, but Reese's Mommy emailed me last week and asked if I would take pictures for her because she would be too busy to get any.  I did not mind, but it is a little embarrassing taking pictures for a professional photographer (ha ha).    If she is like me, she will just be grateful to have party pics.
Reese, we hope you had a very Happy 5th Birthday. Thank you for inviting us to your sweet little party filled with jewels, cupcakes,  trinkets, nail polish, friends and all the things a little girl loves.

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