Thursday, January 3, 2013

Emma's First Sleepover

Started out as a play date with their American Girls to a Basketball game and turned into a trip to American Girl, dinner, late night snacks, movies and these two staying up until 1:30 in the morning. 

As soon as we got to the game the whispering started and I knew they were up to something. Emma finally put her little hands on each side of my cheeks and said, "Mom, it would be so special to me if you would let Lauren spend the night, please, please, please!" How can you ever say NO to that?  I called Curtis and told him Lauren would be staying the night and he responded, "Oh that is great but they are not going to expect Emma to stay the night over there anytime soon, are they?"  My sweet husband would rather have kids piled up in our house rather than ours be away from home and I am right there with him.

The game ended pretty early so I thought it would be BIG fun to surprise them with a spontaneous trip to AG.  I shamefully admit this was our 3rd trip over Christmas break, we love this place so much that Emma is begging to have her 6th Birthday there.
The new Girl of the Year, Saige was released on Tuesday so there was all kind of excitement in the air over her appearance.  She is so cute and she has already made her way on Emma's 2013 Christmas list.  Saige is a 4th grader from New Mexico that loves arts, horses and hot air balloons.  We bought her book last night and are looking forward to learning more about her.

Surprisingly the store was not crowded at all so Lauren and Emma got special treatment.  They were able to hold Saige in her different outfits and Emma was jumping with joy, she fell in love instantly.

Lauren wanted to hold Saige in her fancy dress with her hair down.  These girl share a love for so many things and it makes my heart happy (dance, swim, school, Jesus & dolls).

Of course they got all their dolls ready for bed after we got home.  They played house with them, Sunday school, ate snacks and watched movies.  Poor Lauren had a late night nose bleed which panicked me a little, but I handled it without even waking up Daddy.

I thought they would never stop laughing, squealing, giggling and running through the house.   It was  like a sudden burst of energy hit them and they were WILD.  Gavin managed to keep up with them and was so excited to have "Wauren" staying the night.   At 1:30 I went in Emma's room and found them watching the AG movie McKenna on Emma's IPAD.   I made them pinky promise they would not get out of bed and then I went to sleep.  Truth is, I have no clue what time they finally crashed but it is pretty safe to say they had a BLAST.  Not bad for Emma's first night to have a friend stay the night and Lauren's first night away from home. I am sure this is just the beginning of many long nights with my little SOCIAL girl.

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