Friday, January 18, 2013

Star Student

Our sweet girl was picked to be Star Student this week by her teacher and she was super excited that it was finally her turn.
Her wonderful teacher announced Star Student at the beginning of the year, but the students were not ready to fully engage in the activity until about a month ago.  Emma was so excited every Friday when she announced the student and ecstatic when her name was called last week. She was so proud to bring George (the class pet) and the Star Student pack back home that was filled with George's wardrobe and the class journal.
We had to entertain George all weekend and take him with us where ever we went.  We took him with us to Target, Salt Grass, Academy, Tutti Frutti, Church, HEB and to movie night. 
Emma was so excited to take him to church with her and introduce him to Jesus, she got him dressed in his "dressy sweater and fancy shorts".
Star student was alot of extra work (on top of our regular 8 pages of homework a week), but so fun.  Emma had to take care of George, journal about everything we did, take pictures and include them in her journal, create a story map presentation of her life, bring something for show and tell, read her favorite book to the class and read George's journal to the class.
Thank God he blessed us with a wonderful Daddy.  I will be honest and say that I suggested that we load her life story presentation on her Ipad and send her to school with it, we had a super busy week and this just seemed easy.  Daddy was not okay with that, so he used his lunch break to print pictures out for Emma that they picked out together.  On Monday night while we were gone to dance, Daddy got busy and when we came home he had made this poster for Emma to present to her class. He was so thoughtful and bought two small posters he taped together so it would fold in half and be easy for Emma Lou to carry.  She was super proud and thankful her Daddy had done this for her.
Emma's Star Student week ended with a special lunch date with her Daddy.  Curtis picked up Chik Fil A and had lunch with Emma at the Star Student table at her school. 
Emma will always be a Star Student in our eyes.  She is such a lover of her school, her friends, her teacher and learning.
Last week she had a new boy named "Zach from Alabama" join her class and Emma came home everyday talking about him.  Every night she asked us to pray for him because she knew it had to be hard to come to a new school. On Zach's 2nd day of school Emma asked him if he wanted a friend and invited him to eat lunch with her, she even told him it might be a good idea for him to bring his lunch instead of buying because you get more time to visit at the lunch table (oh my social girl)!  Emma was thrilled that others decided to be Zach's friend after she invited him to eat lunch with her.  I was so PROUD of her for so many reasons last week and I was especially proud she decided to "be a friend to someone who doesn't have a friend" (those are my last words to her everyday after we hug and say I love you).
It was a busy week at our house, but we are never to busy to slow down and enjoy the STAR STUDENT God has blessed us with!

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