Saturday, January 19, 2013

My BIG Pirate Boy

Tonight is a special night in our house because my almost 4 year old is sleeping in his big boy bed tonight.  For the past 5 years 9 months we have had a crib in our house, so I was a little sad tonight to tuck my little man in his new bed.
His room will be a work in progress for a few months while we have curtains made, pillows added, buy a few more decorations and create a new closet door.  Daddy is working hard to make this little Buccaneer have the perfect Pirate room, therefore we will "walk the plank" until we find the perfect finishing touches.
Can you tell he is super excited?  When the bed was delivered today he walked behind the installers saying, "duck it down, good job, you got it man, duck it down" as they passed through all the doorways.  We were laughing hysterically.  When they began putting the bed together he shouted, "let me get my tools" and ran to get his screw gun to assist. 

Gavin loves pirates, has an amazing imagination and has had a special pirate friend named Will for over a year now (we have yet to meet or see Will, but Gavin loves him).  After the bed arrived he said, "Mom, I can not wait for Will to sleep in my Pirate bed with me tonight."
Before we put him to bed he was talking to me and said, "I sure hope a dragon comes to see me tonight and I hope he is nice to me."  I love his little mind and I assured him that I was certain the dragon would be nice to him.  I can not wait to hear about his and Will's adventures in the morning.

There was no hesitation at bedtime, he was more than ready to climb up in his bed and "batten down the hatches" for the night.  Sweet boy, we are so proud of you and hope your dreams are filled with pirates, dragons, and big adventures tonight.

I must admit, I was a little sad to say goodbye to our crib after all these years.  I might have even asked the HOTY if he was sure we wanted to get rid of the crib or if we should save it and become the Frazier Five.  Needless to say he gave me several reasons why we should/would remain the Frazier Four (never hurts to ask, right?).

Sweet dreams to our sweet boy tonight as he counts down the days until his 4th Birthday. Only 42 more days Gavin Thomas, we love you buddy!

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