Monday, January 21, 2013

Playdate with HC

My sweet girl has been so excited about this day and could hardly sleep last night.  She is off to an all day play date with her special friend Hannah Claire.  Daddy is picking her up at 5:00 when he gets off work.
Last night when we put her to bed she prayed the sweetest little prayer for Hannah Claire and about their special little play date today.  She told us, "I have quite possibly been friends with Hannah Claire since I was 18 months old, that is when we started preschool together."  Of course we chuckled at her choice of words.  It is a special treat when these two get together because they no longer attend school together and live an hour apart.  One thing is for sure, their little friendship is like no other and they both glow when they are together.  So thankful that Emma values her friendships and her friends so much.  Last week she made necklaces and bracelets for Hannah and Gracie and had me mail them  (both are from her MDO).  Have fun sweet girl and don't worry Hannah Claire will be coming to see us soon, pinky promise!

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