Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday Parties Galore

We attended 3 Birthday Parties this weekend and we are exhausted. All 3 parties were a BLAST and Emma had a great time.

Happy Birthday Tori!

Tori celebrated her 10th Birthday at a cooking school and it was the cutest little place I have ever seen. A little girl's dream to say the least. Emma was the youngest child they had ever had visit them and the employees were amazed that she was able to keep up with the big kids and remain interested. The girls baked/decorated cupcakes, rolled out dough and made pizza along with lemonade.

Happy Birthday Brook!

Brook celebrated her 3rd Birthday cowgirl style. It was so cute and her Mommy did a great job on all the decorations. They had a carousel with 4 ponies for the kids to ride. I did not think we would ever get Emma off the pony once she got on. She kept yelling, "yee-haw, giddy up, and I am a cowgirl."

Happy Birthday Kenley!

Last, but not least we celebrated Kenley's 3rd Birthday at Build a Bear. As you can see, it did not take Emma long to fill her arms with all kinds of goodies. This party was big fun and the kids enjoyed making a bear of their choice and dressing it up.

We are so blessed to have all 3 of these girls in Emma's life and to call them friends. We love all of you so much and enjoyed celebrating your magical day with you.
Happy Birthday Tori, Brook & Kenley!


Gulley Gang said...

Oh my gosh, Emma is seriously the cutest little chef I've ever seen! Love it!

Rebekah said...

Party animals! Sounds like a fun weekend!

Lesli said...

Wow, those are some amazing birthday parties! Emma is so adorable!