Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Step at a Time

Our little man has started taking a little step here and there. Of course he can be bribed to do it if he is offered a puff or some other tasty treat.

I just can not imagine how our life is about to change once this guy starts walking. Seriously, we did not have to put anything away or move it when his big sister started walking, but I am afraid it is going to be different this go around.

He is already into everything and can get away from you in no time flat. However, if we lose sight of him we know to go straight to the dog food bowl or his sister's pink kitchen ~ he {hearts} both of them.

As soon as he builds up a little confidence, he is a going to take off on us. He will stand for a while and think about it, eventually taking a step or two.

Here he goes and of course he has that beautiful smile on his face as he does it.

Way to go buddy! We are so proud of you and look forward to seeing you walk all over the house very soon.
***Update ~ within 30 minutes of posting this Gavin fell from a standing position and his tooth went through his bottom lip. It looks bad and is super swollen. We have put a call into our Dr. and are waiting on a call back to see what we should do. In the meantime, I am sure Darla has a home remedy {mommy of 4} let me just give her a call.


Darla DiStefano said...

You might want to get that helmet back out and add a chin strap and mouthpiece! ;-)

Lianna Knight said...

Oh no!!! Poor little baby :(

I think this is a boy thing...my nephew has had SO many trips to the ER and he's only TWO!!!

Adventures on the Farm said...

Whooo Gavin-- I cannot believe you are walking--hope your ouchie isnt too bad! Hugs little guy!

Melissa said...

OMG...he is going to be walking any day now. Big boy!!! Love the pics girl!! I need to have a similar post if I could just get B to smile at the camera while standing. She will be standing and I will rush to get the camera, as soon as she sees it, she sits down. You may have to just see it in person..hopefully she is walking by Carnes Family weekend!!!

Gulley Gang said...

Wow, look at him go!!!! Boys are definitely busier as babies, but I didn't have to put much away with Cade. I just gave him one cabinet in the kitchen full of tupperware, and he knew he could only get in that one and play. Best of luck chasing him though as he will be running in NO time! Hope his little lip is better.