Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fast Asleep

In an effort to live a healthier lifestyle we have started riding our bikes and pulling the kids in the bike trailer. Our neighborhood is perfect for riding and just enjoying yourself. On any given night you will find the streets crowded with bikers, walkers, runners, dogs, children playing and families everywhere.

The weather has been wonderful in the evenings, so it is cool and enjoyable. The kiddos really seem to enjoy riding in the trailer, even though Gavin has a fight with his helmet at the start of the ride. He just does not prefer to have anything on his head after wearing his helmet for 14 weeks (I don't blame you big boy).

When we got home from our ride this evening our little man was sound asleep.

He stayed asleep for a little while, so we got Emma's tricycle out to let her ride for a little bit. Yes, they are both in their pajamas ~ works out nice to put them to bed when we come inside for the night.

Emma is getting the hang of riding her tricycle and it might work out a little better if her shoes were on the right feet.

She could not wait to get her helmet off and put this cap on her head. The entire time we were riding she was trying to put it over her helmet, silly girl!
Looking forward to many more rides with my sweet little family and living a healthier lifestyle, so we will be around one day to see them pulling their own children.


Reynie said...

It's hard being a baby! It tires you out!

Gulley Gang said...

So precious!!!!

Melissa said...

That is great! So cute!!