Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Haircuts...Rerun!

We decided to head across town yesterday and attempt to get the kiddos haircut, once again. Our efforts were not successful the first time and Gavin just got a few long hairs clipped off, so that does not really count. We chose a children's salon this go around that was decorated with characters, bright colors, mounted TV's at every station and so much more.

My little boy got up in the chair like a champ and the lady went straight to work giving him his first real haircut. I was a nervous wreck and his Daddy was taking pictures non stop as I continued to bite my nails off.

I could not believe she took the clippers out and got after it. He sat still and continued to watch the cartoon that was playing on the TV in front of him. Whoever thought of this concept is a genius and probably rich.

I kept nudging Curtis and whispering to make sure she did not use those clippers on the top of his hair. I did not want it to all be whacked off.

Needless to say, he ended up with the cutest little haircut and he looks so much older to me now as a result of it. It is a true little boys haircut on the sides and the back and the top is still a little longer, so we comb it to the side. He looks so stinkin' cute!

Next up...the BIG sister. She seemed really excited to get her FIRST haircut and climbed up in the bright PINK chair all by herself. We were so much farther ahead than the first time when we did not even get her in the chair. Emma's hair is almost to her waist and has become quite stringy, so we were all super excited that it was about to be evened out across the back.
I began explaining to the lady, no bangs and I just want it cut straight across in the back. As I began to explain, I noticed that Emma became very nervous. We started explaining to her that it was okay and it was going to be so pretty when it was all done. Well......

Look at what happened next. She began crying and shaking and was a nervous wreck. You would have thought she was in the Dr's. office she became so upset. As much as I wanted her hair cut, it was not worth it to me. I did not want to leave there with crooked hair because she was wiggling around and crying. So, STRIKE II for us ~ we were unsuccessful once again.
I keep telling her that she has to get her hair cut before her 3rd birthday in June and she promises she will. For some reason she thinks it is going to hurt and we can not convince her otherwise.
So, we left with one handsome little man and one red faced little girl that refused to get her hair cut once again.


Rebecca Jo said...

Poor Emma... does she say why she's so afraid - what scares her so bad! Bless that little heart!

But look at your little man - what a trooper! He doesnt even seem to realize anyone is doing anything to him!

Melissa said...

That just breaks my heart to see her so upset like that. I wonder why she thinks it will hurt? Bless her little heart. Her hair is just gorgeous girl. At least she is a girl and you can throw in a ponytail, doggy ears or a headband. Gavin is just as handsome as ever...he's such a good sport.

Reynie said...

Poor little thing! If you think about it, it is very logical to think it is going to hurt. Haircuts are scary to me, too!