Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome Baby Luke

Just got home from seeing this sweet boy who made his arrival yesterday afternoon. My dear friend Cassi welcomed her 2nd child yesterday. His big sister is Brook, which is one of Emma's best buddies.

This little boy is BEAUTIFUL. I have never seen a newborn with so much hair in my entire life. He has a full head of dark hair that already has a little curl to it. Of course, I could not keep my hands off of him. I was so glad we were the only ones there and Tedra is not really into cuddling little ones, so I had him all to myself.

I had to unwrap him and look at him from head to toe. He is so sweet and so perfect, everything his sweet Mommy dreamed of and so much more.

Cassi looked beautiful and every hair on her head was perfect. I am so proud to call her my friend and she is one of the best Mommy's I know.
So, I sit here tonight typing this post with BABY FEVER. I loved holding this little guy, talking to him, kissing him and just staring at him.
Congratulations Travis, Cassi & Brook on the newest edition to your family. So excited that Gavin will have a buddy to eat dirt & play cars with now. Brook & Emma will have fun bossing both of these boys around or making them play school with them. He is so handsome and I can not wait to love on him some more. God has truly blessed your family once again!


Lianna Knight said...

what a sweeheart :)

Allison said...

He is SO cute!!

and.... baby fever?? :) Does that mean we may be able to expect a new little Frazier one day???!!