Saturday, May 15, 2010

1 month from THREE

What does a little girl look like that is 1 month shy of being THREE? You are looking at her. I can hardly believe that we are only days away from celebrating THREE years of life with this one-of-a-kind little girl.

She is so super excited about the upcoming celebration and so are we. She has chosen to celebrate by having a FIREFIGHTER birthday party. You heard me right, we let her choose and she did not think twice about her decision. Remember this is the child that ask me daily, "Mom, are you sure I can be a Firefighter when I grow up?"

We can not even begin to explain how much joy you have brought into our lives Emma Caroline. You my sweet girl are everything we ever dreamed to have in a daughter and so much more. We love you so much and are so blessed to be your Mommy and Daddy.


Rebekah said...

A firefighter party is perfect! I love that it is not princess like every other girl! She is not afraid to be different and I LOVE that! Precious!

Adventures on the Farm said...

I think she is the most precious 3 year old around---- cannot wait to see the firefighter party there is NO doubt it will be PRECIOUS!!!