Sunday, May 23, 2010

Splish Splash

I think this little man is going to truly enjoy his summer and all the hot days we plan to spend at the pool. We took the kids to the pool for a couple hours today and ran into the Carrizal family, always good to visit with them and see their two adorable children. I am sure Lizzie was thinking otherwise when Emma was eating her ice out of her pink bucket.

Kind of hard to get pictures at the pool, but I did manage to get two of this cute little boy in his turtle swimsuit.
Yes, that is a Roaring Water in his hand. He thinks he needs everything his big sister gets, so that should explain it. I have my kiddos convinced that these are "juiceys". I warned those Carrizal kids not to set their Capri Suns down or the Frazier kids would be stealing them and the secret would be out.
Looking forward to summer and all the time I will get to spend with my kiddos, my Mommy friends and their kiddos too.

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Melissa said...

very cute!!! So excited to spend time with that cutie pie in the pool this weekend. I wish I could keep a hat on my little man. He will not wear a hat for nothing. So instead he always has greasy sunscreen hair. HA!