Thursday, May 6, 2010


When we got ready to put our little man to sleep tonight he started shouting, "night-night, night-night". It was so plain and clear, we knew exactly what he was saying. He was super proud of himself and just kept saying it over and over again.

Bedtime is such a wonderful experience for this little guy. We take him to his room, he turns off his own light, hugs us, he lays down, we pray, cover him up and he puts himself to sleep. One of the things I am most thankful for is the routines we have established with our children and how peaceful bedtime is for both of them.

I am thinking we might have another WITTY ITTY BITTY on our hands. This guy appears to be a talker just like his big sister. He now has 13 words in his vocabulary, way to go buddy.


Kara said...

How did you establish those peaceful routines? :) Mother to a one month old baby girl...

Melissa said...

I LOVE LOVE the pic of him standing up with his finger to his mouth. He is so darlin'!!!! Peaceful nighttime routines are the best uh???? Sweet boy!!!