Friday, June 18, 2010

BOY oh BOY... heart goes pitter patter over this little man. As busy as he keeps me and as active as he is, I would not trade him for ANYTHING. He is everywhere and into everything. These days he loves to climb up the step stool unattended and turn the water on and brush his teeth.

He is talking up a storm and repeating lots of things. Last night his Daddy was playing with Emma and saying, "ready, set, go" and she would take off running. Did not take long for him to catch on and he started participating and saying, "set, go" and taking off too.

hmm...Sister carries a flip phone, so he has started carrying an old Blackberry. It is so funny how he wants to be just like her and have the same stuff that she has, if not he takes it away from her. She gives it up every time, she is afraid of him and all those teeth in his mouth.

We spend every evening outside these days and the kids are loving life. They enjoy the water table, playhouse, swing set and catching bugs. Hoping to break out the water ball this weekend and invest in a hard plastic pool that sits at the bottom of our slide. Gavin's favorite thing out there these days is licking the dirt off the river rocks or putting them in the microwave/kitchen in the playhouse.

Those cheeks, ankles, hands, toes, feet, fingers, ears, nose, eyelashes, mouth and big round eyes... I just can not get enough...some days I could just eat him up he is so darn cute to me.

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monelle said...

Sha baby! Your babies are precious!