Monday, June 7, 2010

Pray for the Pink DS

In 8 short days my favorite little girl will be 3 years old. We will be celebrating her 3rd birthday on Saturday with family and friends. To say this little girl is excited is an understatement, she is beyond excited.

We have been asking her for months what she wants for her birthday and everytime we get the same response, "A pink DS Mom". That would be a pink Nintendo DS for all of you who were unaware, like me. Hmmm....funny thing is, the age on this little gadget is 8 and up. Well, her cousins and friends have it, so she think she is big enough to get it too. It is not going to happen, even though she is begging and her Aunt Rara is willing to buy it. We just really feel like she is too young. Now the Pink Leapster, we can talk about it.

I share this story with you because tonight as she was getting nestled into bed, she had something on her mind. After we got her covered up, I asked her who she wanted to pray and she quickly replied, "You Mom." I got started and shortly after I got out, "Dear God" she interrupted me and said, "wait Mom, wait." She put her little hands up on my face and held my cheeks in her hands and said, "Mom pray about the DS tonight." Needless to say, we had to stop and have a little lesson about what we pray for and what we don't ask God for. She did not accept that explaination, she just kept asking "why Mom, why Mom?" I finally found an explanation she was satisified with in her 3 year old little mind, that is wise beyond its years.
I must admit, it was so cute and so funny to me but it caught me off guard. I really thought she was wanting to pray for my Uncle that is in the hospital or her 3 year old cousin who is having his 2nd heart surgery tomorrow. Instead, she wanted to pray about the pink DS she has been dreaming of for months.
She has the sweetest heart I know and she loves life more than normal for a little girl. I am so glad I get to share the little moments in life with her and I look forward to so many more.

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Deidra Brown said...

That's funny that she wants one. By little boy is four and he doesn't say he wants one all the time until his around his cousins that have them. I keep wanting to get him one, but my husband does not want him to get hooked on video gadgets right now. I totally understand his decision on this.