Friday, June 25, 2010

Slidin' into Summer Time

Five bucks bought our kiddos a whole bunch of fun last night. If you have not bought an old fashion slip~n~slide for your kiddos this summer, I encourage you to run to the nearest Wal Mart and pick one up for loads of giggling fun.

Nothing like sharing life with a sibling and these two know how to have a good time together. I can not help but be so grateful that we had our children 20 months apart and look forward to them growing up so close in age.

Daddy would grab Emma by the arm and leg and throw her down the slide, she loved it and kept begging for more.

This little guy wanted in on the action too, so he got tossed a couple times also. He would scream, "set go" when Daddy would send him flying.

A time or two they took the wild ride together and just chuckled and chuckled when they reached the end.

Daddy was a little nervous in the beginning, but by the end Emma was sliding off into the grass. She must have thanked her Daddy about 10 times for buying this for them. I must admit, best $5.00 we have spent so far this summer.

I am so excited my kids love the water and I can hardly wait to see them building sand castles on the beach in 11 more days.

I have a feeling this one is going to be begging her Daddy to set this little treat up every evening.

We have been spending a couple hours in the backyard every evening and we are all enjoying the fun.

One of the best parts of being an educator is getting to spend 6 weeks off with these guys in the summer time. Looking forward to many more evenings on the lawn, firing up the grill, playing on the swing set, pretending in the crooked house, running through the sprinklers, eating popsicles, enjoying the water ball, splashing in the water table and sliding on our bellies. Life just doesn't get any better than this as far as I am concerned.
Hoping that you and your families are enjoying all that summer has to offer just like the Frazier Four!


Lianna Knight said...

I remember our slip-n-slide growing up and I agree... it was SO much fun.

I loved looking at the pics of the kids and it is so evident how much they loved the outdoor fun and even more importantly, how much they LOVE each other :)

Adventures on the Farm said...

Good Times--- and oh Laura how sweet those 2 babies of yours are..have a fabulous summer

Melissa said...

The most precious smiles ever!!! My mom has been dying to get the wee ones on a slip n slide. May just have to do it! Looks like they had so much fun! Precious photos!!!