Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Lil' Girl

Emma's birthday celebration started today when we revealed her Birthday present to her, yes it is a little early. There was no way to hide it since it arrived at our home today, so as soon as her Daddy got home from work we SURPRISED her and she was one happy little girl!

Her Daddy stood outside armed with the camera while I walked her out. As soon as we opened the door she spotted it and we started singing Happy Birthday to her (she sang right along with us). This picture is PRICELESS and so was her response. We got some great pictures of her as she saw it, but I am going to wait till after her party on Saturday to post them.

As we put her to bed tonight she said, "Mom and Dad, I love my _____ but I still want the Pink Ds." Strong willed? Hmmmm......I would say so, just like her Mommy.

I wish that every child in this world could feel the joy she felt in her heart today and smile from ear to ear while they celebrate their special day.

Only 3 more days till your party baby girl and 6 more days till I am the Mommy of a THREE year old. Never stop smiling Emma Caroline!


Deidra Brown said...

Oh I can't wait to find out what the gift was. Emma is such a pretty little girl and is growing so fast. Since I started reading your blog Emma has celebrated 2 birthday's. I know the party will be outstanding like all the other parties.

Adventures on the Farm said...

Oh my looks like the Birthday Party FUN has begun--- cannot wait to see her birthday surprise! Hugs fro mthe Hajovsky's

Melissa said...

So exciting! I cannot wait to see what it is!!! Such a precious photo!! Kisses to the Birthday Girl!