Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy 17 month Birthday, Boy!

Some days it is easier than others for me to believe that Gavin is already 17 months old. Seems like yesterday when we were anxiously awaiting his arrival and prepping his big sister for the special day. A big day it was and one that I will never forget as long as I live.

Tonight when I asked you to say cheese, you squatted down just like Emma did as a toddler and my heart melted.

You have grown so fast and are so extremely active that there are days we struggle to keep up with you. Not much has changed about your stats and you are still wearing the same size clothes and shoes. Your vocabulary has EXPLODED and you are super funny. Often times we try to correct your behavior and we have to hide our faces or walk away because we are laughing at you.

You are super sensitive if you get in trouble and usually go and hide your face and stick your bottom lip out.

You traveled on an airplane for the first time this past month and you loved it. Anytime you see one in the sky you point and yell, "airplane, airplane".

The pantry is one of your favorite places to hang out these days and we usually find you carrying around a loaf of bread or getting your own snack.

We love you so much little boy and are thankful that you keep us on our toes at all times. I am confident that you will keep us young and active for a long time. No matter what is going on in our world, your smile always makes me feel like life is PERFECT!

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Melissa said...

Cutie pie!!! Happy 17 month Birthday precious!!!!