Monday, August 2, 2010

Boys will be Boys

We can not take our eyes off this little man for one second or he is into something and it is usually not a good something. I was in the kitchen last week cooking and I turned around just in time to capture him in the act.
Gavin decided to pull this chair out from under the breakfast table and start his journey to the top.
He had one mission in mind and that was to pay a visit to Emma's little frogs who have established residency on our table since Easter.

He got super excited when he made it up on the chair and stopped to clap for himself. Nothing like a little self praise, Son.

The frogs were finally in sight, just a little more climbing to go and he will have his hands on them.

Seemed to be pretty hard work so he paused for a drink of water before he moved on any further.

When he made it to his final destination, he looked up and realized he had been caught and shouted, "uh oh Momma".
We do not normally have toys up on the table, but we had to take them away earlier in the day because Gavin likes to run as fast as he can and ram them into the counters, refrigerator, walls, our dog, stove and his sister.
This little boy is ALL BOY and I love it, but he wears me out every single day.

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