Sunday, August 15, 2010

38 Months of Sassy~ness!

When your Daddy saw these pictures he said, 'Wow, she is really looking grown up in these." I do not disagree at all and tease you all the time about sprinkling magic dust on you that will keep you little forever. You always tell me, "Mom, I can not stay little forever, I just need to grow". I agree, but why so fast?

The last month has been very busy for all of us with summer coming to an end and getting you and your brother ready for full day preschool for the 1st time. You got to enjoy 2 weeks with Mrs. Jenni, Tori & David before school started and you loved every second of it. You tell us everyday that Tori is your Best Friend.

I am not sure there is anyone as silly as you in the world. Everything about you reminds me so much of myself, but Grandma says I did not display my BIG PERSONALITY till I was much older. You are only 38 months old and you have been like this since you could talk. You keep us laughing constantly with your wit and zest for life.

You are still a lover of all things PINK! It is a battle to get you to put on anything that does not have pink in it, but you will usually settle for pink panties on the days you don't have any displayed. You would eat PINK Starburst, PINK Sprinkle donuts, PINK Crave Cupcakes, drink PINK milk and PINK yogurt all day everyday if we would let you. You asked me today if I would go buy you some PINKALICIOUS flowers to go around your playhouse. It is a good thing God only blessed us with one little girl or our accounts would be in the PINK all the time.

You are still the most loving and affectionate THREE year old I have ever had the privilege of knowing. You love all of your family so much and take 45 minutes to leave a family function because you have to hug, kiss and tell everyone you love them at least 3 times before we leave.
You think your Gavin's Mommy, you are crazy in love with Hunter & Camryn, obsessed with Chance & Brynlee and have a very SPECIAL place in your heart for Hudson. Speaking of Hudson, you told us at the last family swim day that you were going to tell Hudson's Daddy you wanted to marry him.
Everyday you tell us over and over how much you love us and thank us for the simplest little things in life. Your manners are wonderful and you seldom have to be reminded to use them.

You know how to pull our heartstrings with the wink of your eye and the smile on your face. These days I find you within feet of me and struggling if you are separated from me at all and I love it!

You are a DREAMER Emma Lou and your imagination and ability to role play often leaves us speechless. Your compassion for animals and others is like no other and you care about things that so many would find so simple and unimportant. Just today you watched a little bird struggling to fly and expressed your concern and prayed for that little bird. I can not wait to see what you do with your life and I look forward to supporting you no matter what that choice happens to be.

Emma, I can not even begin to explain to you in words the happiness you have brought into our lives and the lessons you have taught us along the way. In only 38 months you have made me a better person and taught me EVERYTHING I know about being a Mommy.
I pray you will always dream big, love life to the fullest, never lose sight of the simple things, smile even if no ones watching, love Jesus with all your heart, value family and always take 45 minutes to say goodbye even if we are ready to go, be compassionate for others, continue to love all things PINK, always want to be close to me, walk hand and hand with your brother, think your Daddy can fix the world, continue to learn, remain witty and be a child of GOD!

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Hudson said...

The pictures are precious! Hudson will be so excited to see Emma this weekend (y'all will be there right?!?!)!

Hudson loves Emma so much too! Not long ago we were swimming and Hudson went under water...when he came up he said, "Momma, Emma would be so proud!"