Monday, December 24, 2012

Camryn turns SEVEN

Yesterday we celebrated my sweet nieces SEVENTH birthday at Sweet & Sassy.   Her birthday falls two days before Christmas so she chose to have her and Emma go to the spa for the day instead of having a big party.  They had a blast, enjoyed all the pampering and having the entire place to themselves.
Emma has lots of friends but hands down she will tell you her cousin Camryn is her best friend.  They love each other so much and when they get together they are in their own little world, inseparable!  They have the sweetest little friendship and Emma looks up to Camryn so much.
After their spa day they got to prance around on this little stage and neither of them lacked in the area of "strutting their stuff", so cute and a bit scary (ha ha).
I love this picture and this sweet girl so much.  Hard to believe that she is already 7 years old. I so vividly remember her Daddy pushing her little 3 lb.  body quickly down the hall at the hospital when she decided to join our family a little too early.
They are cousins by birth, friends by choice and they love each other beyond belief.  So thankful for this little girl in so many ways.  We love you Camryn, Happy 7th Birthday.

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