Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sweet Becca

Not sure we could do all that we do without our sweet nanny, Miss Becca.  We are so blessed that 5.5 years later we are still able to keep our kids at home when they are not at school.  So far we have had 3 Nanny's and each one of them have been wonderful to us and our children (oh, our kids have been head over heels about them too).
Emma and Gavin were super excited to celebrate Christmas with Miss Becca, looks like Beamer was too.

I think Gavin has a crush on Miss Becca, she is a cutie.  She is not allowed to walk out of our house each afternoon without kisses from this little guy and if she does he will chase her to the driveway.

Emma loves Miss Becca, I think she thinks they are BFF's.  She loves to tell me all the stories about Miss Becca running in marathons, her fingernails, her hair and her going to college.  Emma looks up to her so much and thinks she is the greatest thing ever (we do too).  

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