Friday, December 14, 2012

It is all about the Baby!

Last weekend we attended our church Christmas celebration for our youth.  It was an amazing celebration and one that I am thankful we got to attend as a family.
Our church had 2 different celebrations and we chose to attend the one in the evening.  When we arrived we were broke into different rotation groups, super organized.  Our first session was our Preacher telling the story of Christ birth to the little ones.  Some of them chose to gather around him and others stayed with their parents (notice Emma Lou found her a place front and center & Gavin stayed with us). 

They had photo booths set up for the kids to take pictures.  We also enjoyed refreshments and made arts and crafts.

Our favorite was the live Nativity Scene and watching the individuals reenact that very special day in the manger.

I was speechless when I saw this beautiful display that reminded me of the gift he has given to me, my family & you. 
My kids loved the animals and enjoyed listening to the story about that special little baby that changed the world.  Gavin has started talking more about Jesus this holiday season and it makes me so proud.  I love to hear him say "Mommy, Jesus died on the cross, they were mean people and put lots of ouchies on him.  It makes me sad Mommy." 

Such a powerful celebration that we were blessed to be a part of this year.  We are so thankful for a church that values and understands the importance of investing so much in their children's ministry.  

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