Friday, December 21, 2012

Class Parties 2012

Both of the kiddos had the cutest little class parties with their friends at school and I was blessed to be able to attend. 
Gavin gets so excited about his little parties and when I walk in.  I love the way he screams, "Mommy" every single time.

He was not going to put his balloon down or let it get away from him during the festivities. He kept saying it was his reindeer nose.

Sweet boy making his own sugar cookie and stopping to lick the icing off his knife during the party.  

It was a great to attend Emma Caroline's first public school party with her.  She was beyond excited to celebrate with her school friends.   Of course she wanted to bring a treat for everyone, but that had to be done the day before, the policy states that all parties must be exactly the same at school so it is fair to all kids.

One of Emma's best friends this school year is sweet Ellie that she talks about non stop.  I asked her after the party what she liked so much about Ellie and she said, "Mom, she is a hugger just like me and every morning she always gives me a huge hug."  I love that Emma is so affectionate with us and her friends.

Sweet girl making her sugar cone Christmas tree and enjoying her party.   There were so many cute activities for the kids and a book exchange too.

Of course we love Mrs. Hale and think she is the best Kindergarten teacher God could have picked for our family and most importantly for Emma. 

Megan is Emma's very best friend at school that she loves so much. These two started dancing at 3 years old together and just so happened they ended up in Kindergarten together.
Needless to say, Emma and Gavin both had wonderful celebrations at MDO/School with their friends and teachers.  Now it is time for a 2 week vacation with lots of celebrations to go.

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