Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa's Wonderland

There were several things we put on our "Holiday To Do list" this year and Santa's Wonderland was one of them. 
Today we decided to head out for a little road trip to see visit Santa's Wonderland and have some fun, it did not disappoint.

The kiddos all bundled up, ready to go visit Santa and give him their final Christmas list since he was coming in 2 more days.  It ended up not being as cold as we thought, so we ended up shedding all our coats and mittens.

Christmas in Texas is like none other and Santa Town in Texas is the best for sure.  Where else can you go and have all the southern goodies you want, see Reindeer, enjoy a folk band and see Longhorns?  If I am being honest, we are dreaming of a Christmas in Florida at Disney sometime soon. 
It is not Rudolph, but I am certain it is Dasher or Dancer, what do you think?  Emma said, "Mom that poor little guy has so far to fly in a couple days."
She made her list and she checked it twice. At the top of her list was an American Girl Doll with red hair, green eyes and freckles.

Sweet Mrs. Claus, what a great wife she must be to put up with Santa always working so hard. 

We opted to tour Santa's Wonderland with a horse and carriage.  We did not figure the hay ride was our best option since our sweet girl is highly allergic to Bahia Grass!  So worth the additional money to take the carriage ride with my sweet family and enjoy the festivities alone. 

The light exhibits were amazing and so detailed.  Our driver gave us the grand tour and told us how one family (Mom, Dad and their Son) had the vision of Santa's Wonderland 15 years ago.  The son is an electrician and he is responsible for all the scenes and lighting on the property, BREATHTAKING! 

One of my favorite scenes by far.  Jesus is from The House of Wax in LA and he is the only piece of the display that is taken down daily because he will melt.  The first year they had him his hands actually melted from being to close to the lights, so they had him repaired.

My favorite by far and such a special reminder of the gift he gave for ME and for YOU!  Simply beautiful, so blessed by his unselfishness this holiday season and always.

Santa's town also had a petting zoo, train rides, movie on the big screen, marshmallow roasting, bands and a dancing Frosty the snowman.  Of course my kids loved the petting zoo and Gavin fell in love with the fattest pot belly big I had ever seen.  At one point he sat down on this poor fella to take a break.

A visit to Santa's Town would never be complete without a pony ride for Emma and Gavin, there was no way they were walking away from this.

We had such a great time visiting and learning the history of Santa's Wonderland,  I was so thankful we worked this into our Christmas plans this year.  So blessed to be a part of The Frazier Four today and everyday!


Kim said...

We want to go to Disney during Christmastime as well...trying to figure out how to make that happen, before the magic is gone! ;( Anyhow, in the mean time, I need to know about this Santa Town or Wonderland or whatever! How neat! I think our boys would love it!!

Lianna Knight said...

Such a great idea! Where is this place?!?!? LOVED Gavin's face with the pig...cute :)

Sandi said...

Awesome!! Where is this place? I want to go next year!!!! Happy New Year!