Thursday, March 15, 2012

57 Months Old

This little girl is so close to FIVE that it hurts my heart just a little.  Something about the big birthday just makes it seem like she is growing up way too fast.  Perhaps it is the thought of Kindergarten that has me shaking in my boots, not real sure but I am in constant prayer about your future.

Emma, you radiate with JOY everywhere you go and your little life is so precious to so many.   You are a leader and a dreamer, so willing to try new things without hesitation.  You value your family, your friendships and Jesus.   I never knew so many amazing qualities could be wrapped up in such a young child, until I traveled this journey with you.   Your innocence continues to make me smile and hope that this season will last forever.  You are a gift to us all and we are BLESSED to be a part of your life.  Keep dreaming baby girl, you can do all things through Christ that strengthens YOU.  Looking forward to celebrating your 5th birthday with you in a very magical way!

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