Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gavin's First Soccer Game

We have been looking forward to Gavin starting Soccer for months, well truth is since he could walk and we noticed how much energy he had bottled up inside him.  We knew from the start we needed to keep him involved in extra activities and busy, busy, busy!

To bad the little stinker woke up at 4:30 in the morning ready to start his day.  My Mom asked, "why did he get up at 4:30"...  Um, hello he gets up between 4:30 and 5:00 every morning of his life.  Needless to say by the time his tiny cleats hit the field at 9:00 he was  a bit  mega grouchy.

I started to think I had probably just made a $95 donation to the YMCA, until Gavin quickly made friends with this cone that was on the ground.   At least it was near the coach during warm up, so that got him a little closer to the game.

After he saw a few of his teammates kicking into the goal, he thought it might be fun to join them to see what the action was all about (yawning the entire time).

Paying very close attention to what Coach Murray had to say before the game got underway.

Team Salt Lake all lined up and ready to practice taking the ball down the field using only their little feet.

Squatting and cheering his team on most of the game seemed a little less tiring than getting in there and having to run down the field.   Oh if he wasn't so cute, I would just get him at times.

We decided we would let him join the game whenever he was ready by occasionally telling him that Coach really needed him and so did the rest of the kids.

Not sure if he finally felt comfortable or it was his sister calling him, "sideline Steve" that encouraged him to go ahead and join the game.

When he finally joined the game he did a great job, had fun and was able to kick the ball down the field and keep it under control.  The game was not a success for us since we scored 3 points for the other team, wrong goal kiddos.

He was not intimidated by the other kiddos, even fell down flat on his face at one point and kept on going.  He was one dirty little boy by the end of the game.

I was a little nervous that he might be thinking about shoving one of the other kids down at this point, but he did a great job and kept all that energy under control.  Yay Gavin, get the ball, run, go Gavin go is what we all chanted from the sidelines.   At times he would cup his little chubby hands up around his mouth like a megaphone and scream something back, who knows what he was saying.

Gavin just turned three two weeks ago and most of the kids on his team are older three and four year olds, but he is going to be just fine if he gets the rest he needs before a game.  This kid has so much athletic ability and energy inside of him, no doubt he is going to be extremely talented at whatever he does as long as he channels all that talent in the right direction.

We were so PROUD of the effort he put into Saturday and just wish he would have been more rested.  We might have to keep him up until midnight the night before a game, just so he sleeps a little later (no I am not joking).  He is going to have a blast this season and we are so excited about supporting Team Salt Lake and our Son.

When it was time to shake hands and Coach told the kids to line up Gavin did just that, with his hands behind his back like he does at MDO daily.  Only one problem G-man, looks like you might have lined up on the wrong side buddy!  Oh I love this kid more than life, he keeps us belly laughing.

One last thing, you can always count on your sibling to let you know how you did in the game. On our walk to the car Emma says, "Well, Oh Gavin moved as slow as a turtle out their on that field."

Just maybe I did have to promise him an ice cream cone when it was all said and done to get his little feet to hit the field.  Whatever it takes, right?  We can not wait to see what next week has in store for Salt Lake and Gavin.

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