Friday, March 9, 2012

Swashbucklin' Mateys

No pirate party is complete without a bunch of little buccaneers running wild on the deck.  It was so nice to have less kiddos running around in our house and backyard this year.

These two know how to have a good time and are going to do it no matter who is around.  Emma seemed to enjoy her brother's party as much as he did.  All week long she talked to Gavin about his party.

Four of the cutest little pirates on board that day.   Kain digging for gold, Miss getting ready for the sword fight, Emma Lou showing off her face paint and sweet Callen smiling and enjoying the fun.

Emma was so excited that Mrs. Jenny (our first Nanny), Tori and David got to join us.  The Foxworth children have grown so much, but they are still the sweetest kids ever.  

Our sweet friend Lauren and Paisley smiling and I am sure exhausted from the long drive in from the country.

Me and the best HS Sophomore in the world.  Ashlyn is one of the greatest and most responsible HS students I have ever come across (and she is beautiful too).

Brynlee and Chance were not interested in becoming a pirate, but Mr. Maddox did not mind wearing his pirate gear at all.  We get to celebrate Brynlee and her twin brother Chance's 3rd birthday tomorrow.

Alana is a sweet girl and I am so glad she got to celebrate Gavin's birthday with us this year.  All the little pirates are swinging in their pirate gear.

Walk the plank Addy & Emma Lou, you guys look great and are concentrating so hard.

Our pirate ship was ready to set sail and we enjoyed it as much as the kiddos.  My BFF from 7th grade who will be joining the "40" club with me this year, she is OLDER therefore she will have a couple months to tell me how it feels!!!

My sweet birthday boy finally dug long enough to find some gold, little does he know he is the real TREASURE!

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