Saturday, March 31, 2012

Miss Independent

Oh this sweet girl got up this morning and was super quiet in her room.  When I went to check on her she was hard at work for about 15 minutes, but she did it. As soon as her little feet hit the floor she got dressed, cleaned her closet and made her bed.   I did not want to spoil the surprise so I walked away and let her come find me.  She was super excited, took me by the hand and ran me back to her room. 

I was so proud of her that I snatched her up, hugged her, swung her around in a circle saying, "you did a great job Emma, I am so proud of you."  All the while, I was wondering how in the world I would allow a bed to look like this in my house all day.  As hard as it is going to be to look at this, I don't have the heart to remake it.  However, it might be a race every morning to see who can make it first since she declared, "Mom, I am going to make my bed everyday."  I politely told her it was my job and I did not mind doing it at all.  Today is one thing, but I don't think my OCD could take looking at this on a regular basis.  So proud of you Emma Lou and so thankful for an independent child.  


Brandi said...

Just read your last few posts! FUN!! And your kids are getting so big, sad!!!! And wow, great job on the bed making!! WOOHOO!! I love Annie!!! That was my FAVE movie growing up. I bet you guys had the best time!! JEALS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let her make her own bed or you will still be doing it when she is 16.